We have responded to the Climate Emergency by making Jude’s carbon negative.

Yes - that’s right, Jude’s is Britain’s first ever (and possibly the world's first) carbon negative ice cream and desserts company. This is just the beginning of our sustainability journey.

We have teamed up with Professor Mike Berners-Lee, one of the world’s leading experts in carbon foot printing, and his team at Small World Consulting to cut our carbon emissions (when we say carbon we are referring to all greenhouse gases (GHGs)) in line with what the science tells us needs to happen. We are working to reduce carbon emissions from both our operations and our supply chains, in line with limiting warming to 1.5 degrees. On top of that we are removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than our remaining carbon footprint through carefully screened, wildlife-enhancing and community-enriching carbon removal schemes, such as planting native woodlands.

Professor Mike Berners-Lee, Advisor to Jude’s on Environmental Sustainability:

"The climate and ecological emergency has implications for every aspect of an ice cream business. For an ice cream producer the big questions include what ingredients to use and how they should be produced, how to cut carbon from every part of the operation, and what else can be done to look after our world . It is fantastic to be working with Jude’s at the start of their passionate journey to align every aspect of the business towards the sustainability transition that the world so urgently needs."

We’ll be publishing our full Environmental Sustainability report in the coming weeks (we’re just working on some nice typography and pretty pictures)…but in advance here is a brief summary.


Jude’s exists to bring life to people and to the planet. That is our purpose and every day we try to get better at this. That’s why we are making bold changes; to ensure we still have a beautiful and liveable planet for generations to come.


Jude’s is based in the unbelievably beautiful hills of the South Downs in Hampshire, where we experience the wonder of our planet every day. We understand that we are part of a global ecosystem, and we want our environmental impact to be positive.


The climate and ecological crises represent some of the greatest challenges facing humanity. The most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that global heating must be limited to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels to avoid substantial climate and ecosystem breakdown (IPCC 2018). To meet this target, global CO2e emissions must decline by 45% (compared to 2010 levels) by 2030, and reach net-zero by 2050, with developed countries making greater and more rapid changes. It is imperative that governments, organisations, and individuals take rapid action. 


Through rigorous analysis Small World Consulting have estimate that Jude’s releases 6,200 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year. This includes:


  1. Our carbon reduction plan

Jude’s carbon reduction target is a 43% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030.

This will involve transitioning to more plant based products, using renewable energy, and using more environmentally friendly packaging – to give a few examples. We have engaged Carbon Architecture to build a comprehensive carbon reduction roadmap for our direct operations. 

We will engage with the farmers in our supply chain to see how we can better care for the land to everyone’s benefit, understanding that improving the environmental impact of farming is highly complex.

The Matterley Farm, who supply milk for our Tywford dairy, are part of the Winchester Downs farm cluster who are working together for landscape, habitat and biodiversity benefits on a scale that couldn’t be achieved by working alone. The farm is undergoing its own carbon audit and developing a carbon management plan. 

  1. Our carbon removal plan

For the emissions we can’t reduce, we are removing ten percent more carbon from the atmosphere than we are emitting. We do this by investing in nature based solutions, through projects supporting the environment for future generations, as well as storing carbon. We have identified partners with strong conservation credentials in the UK such as the Woodland Trust and Trees for Life, who are able to offer high quality independently accredited carbon removal projects. The UK woodland projects will take time to grow, so as immediate climate action Jude’s is supporting the development of Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in South West Australia through the purchase of its carbon creditsfrom Carbon Neutral. We will be transparent about the volume of carbon credits we buy to more than neutralise our emissions, as we support the UK’s journey towards Net Zero.

  1. Our rewilding plan

In addition to our carbon removal plan, Jude’s is sponsoring Trees for Life in order to promote diversity of wildlife through rewilding the Caledonian Forest, a rich habitat found only in the Scottish Highlands. So far we have planted 1,000 trees, and invite everyone to join us. https://treesforlife.org.uk/groves/judes/

  1. Influencing change across our industry

Our ultimate aim is that we change our industry. This is a lofty ambition for a family business from Hampshire, but we know that the big brands and multinational companies watch what we do. We hope that our response to the climate emergency will encourage them to do the same… quicker than they might have. 


Over the past few years we’ve become more aware of our impact on the environment. We thought we were doing enough but we now realise we were well behind the curve. This is unchartered territory for Jude’s, being the first company of our kind to go carbon negative. However, we don’t want to sit on the side lines as everyone waits for each other to act and we collectively slip towards disaster. We want to challenge ourselves, our business, our supply chain, our customers and our whole industry to leave our beautiful planet in the best possible shape for future generations. We won’t be perfect and we will make mistakes along the way. But we’ll get there, and our ice cream will taste better as a result.

Let’s do this together.

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