Our Story

Our dad was starting an ice cream company.

What began as a barely whispered idea was soon actually happening. Though it came completely out of the blue, we could make sense of it. He’d often talked of making something with his own two hands, selling a real product to real people, and he’s always loved great ice cream.

He started small and set to work in our old barn at home in Hampshire. Our mum joined him and he decided to name the company after her. On 19th December 2002 he walked across the field to the village pub and sold the very first tub of Jude’s ice cream.

We (Alex and Chow) soon realised that the ice cream was seriously good and were convinced it should be served in the best restaurants. So we joined our parents at Jude's.

Alex loaded his car up with ice cream and hit the road, and Chow rolled his sleeves up and got to work creating new flavours...

Designed for chefs

We were soon working with top chefs around the country and developing unique products for their menus.

Making our ice cream in small batches we carefully selected the best tasting ingredients; for example, single estate Colombian cacao, Madagascan bourbon vanilla, and milk from Matterley Farm just down the road in Hampshire.

We've tasted and tested literally thousands of different recipes over the years and have picked up over 50 Great Taste Awards to date.

Our Team

To craft brilliant ice cream, you need brilliant people. They’re the most important ingredient.

Jude's has been a team effort from day one and we love working with both family and friends. Together we've developed our expertise over nearly 20 years and have grown a team of incredibly talented ice cream makers.


We believe that all businesses should benefit people and communities. That's why we are a certified B Corp, which means we are committed to using business as a force for good, putting people and planet before profit. So we run educational programs with local schools, support community events and have donated over £250,000 to charities that do amazing work, primarily with a focus on children and young people. Find out more here.


We are fortunate to live and work in an incredibly beautiful corner of our incredibly beautiful planet. The rolling hills of the South Downs remind us daily that we have a responsibility to protect our natural environment.

We have responded to the climate emergency by making Jude's carbon negative.

We have teamed up with Professor Mike Berners-Lee, one of the world's leading experts in carbon footprinting to make sure that Jude's is now removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits. Read more here.

Grab a scoop

As well as our chefs' range, we now make lower sugar treats for kids and take-home tubs in dairy, vegan and lower calorie flavours.

So cosy up and tuck into your favourite Jude’s tub, or go wild and try a something new.

 Our mission is to knock your socks off. Every time.

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