We're Jude's, and we love crafting unbelievably delicious stripey tubs of joy.


Jude's is a certified B Corp, as we believe in business as a force for good. We create both super indulgent and healthier products whilst treading as lightly as we can on our planet. We have cut our carbon intensity by 23% since 2020.

About Us

Carbon Cutting

We are responding to the Climate Emergency by finding new ways to cut carbon.

Sustainability Award

We won the Lloyds bank award for positive social and sustainable impact!

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"Pass me a spoon. And make it a big one!"

"In a world full of greenwash, Jude’s stand out as thoughtful and honest."

"Jude’s Ice Cream is now the go-to gelato for celebrity chefs."

"Stash a few tubs in the freezer so you’ve always some to hand."

"[Jude’s plant based ice cream] is as rich and creamy as anything made with cow’s milk."

"Name a better snack. There isn’t one."

"Kids (and adults) can enjoy Little Jude’s Fruit Rockets without remorse."

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