Blue Apple Theatre: Charity Fundraising Success

Katy is a star of the Jude's dairy... And in her spare time she is one of the stars of Blue Apple Theatre - one of our favourite local charities. Here's Katy looking the part in the dramatic black t-shirt line up.

The Blue Apple Theatre are a Winchester based acting group and founded in 2005. Their goal is to use the performing arts as a means of building the confidence and skills of people with learning disabilities. They recently held a fundraising event, and we popped along with some ice cream for a mid performance pick me up! It's a little known fact that ice cream has proven performance enhancing qualities.

The evening raised an impressive £6000 and still counting... The money is all going towards securing the future of the theatre; so we watchfully wait to see what productions are in store in the coming months...

If you'd like to support this fantastic charity you can do so in many ways. Visit their website to find out more.

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