It Was Mint To Be.

The summer keeps rolling on and we are still enjoying one of our favourite summer flavours… mint choc chip ice cream. We are particularly pleased with how it shaped up this year, made with a combo of Hampshire’s finest mint and Belgium’s finest chocolate. 

We use mint grown by Sir Michael Colman at his home at Summerdown farm. Traditionally the Colman’s made mustard – yes the yellow one that makes the eyes water if you put to much on your bangers! – but now they grow Black Mitcham mint has been grown in England since the 1750’s. And we love it. 

As well as supplying businesses likes Jude’s, Summerdown Farm also make some products of their own. Including; teas and oils, room fragrances and tasty treats like their peppermint creams. We love a cup of Peppermint Tea in the afternoon. Lovingly abbreviated by Al as “PPT”. Delicious.

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