Jude’s Wimbledon Winner – your chance to snap up a free ice cream

A friend sent us this awesome photo this week before he tucked into his tub of Jude's at Wimbledon and it got us thinking about a brilliant giveaway…

Spot one of our Jude’s tubs soaking up all the action at Wimbledon, take a fun and creative snap to capture the moment and you will win a free Jude’s Ice Cream! It’s as easy as that!

Simply take your photo, follow us on twitter and share your photo with us @judesicecream! We will then deliver your free tub to your door * (within a 10 mile radius of SW17).

We will also do a bonus giveaway for the most outstanding and original photo. Photo entries will be judged by our very own in house photographer extraordinaire: Jude! Criteria for judging; comedic value, celebrity endorsement and quality of photo!

The Ball is in your court!

*if you aren't in when we pop by with your winnings we will post you a little treat instead!

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