Our environment

We are fortunate to live and work in an incredibly beautiful corner of our incredibly beautiful planet. The rolling hills of the South Downs remind us daily that we have a responsibility to tread lightly and act responsibly within our local and global environment. We're not perfect, and there's plenty more to learn and do.


Reduce: We are always making changes to reduce our carbon footprint, and are proud that our dairy has recently switched to to using 100% renewable electricity. We plan meticulously in order to make ice cream with maximum efficiency to reduce food wastage: this reduces both financial cost and environmental impact so it's a win-win! We use local suppliers where possible to reduce food miles and our milk comes from Matterley Farm just 4 miles from our dairy.

Reuse: Occasionally we are left with stock of certain products. Rather than throw them away we try to find charities to donate these products to, such as Naomi House or the Winchester night shelter.

Recycle: We recycle cardboard, plastic and metal from ingredient packaging, investing in energy efficient equipment, and recycling millions of litres of water each year through our adiabatic cooler (this water cools the freezers.) We are constantly on the look out for more environmentally friendly packaging and will continue to adopt better viable options when they become available.

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