We are delighted to introduce our Little Jude's Fruit & Veg Rockets, landing in a Sainsbury’s near you (see our store finder). We hope you love them as much as we do!!

The rockets contain less than 25kcal and take their sweetness from naturally occurring sugars in fruit and vegetables.

The rockets are lower sugar* with only 9.9g sugar per 100g. This is a whopping 38% less sugar than comparable products on the market* and an astronomical 46% below the Public Health England’s (PHE) recommended sugar levels for children’s ice cream products by 2020** as part of the Childhood Obesity Plan.

* The average sugar content in rocket lollies from big four supermarkets is 16.2g per 100g.
** PHE’s recommended sugar content for ice cream products by 2020 is less than 18.6g per 100g.


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