Our purpose

As Jude’s has grown, our ambitions for the impact that Jude’s can have in the world has grown exponentially. We’ve dived deep into what gets us out of bed every morning, what we believe we can achieve together and how we want to be remembered. We’ve condensed this all into one simple driving purpose.

We’re here to bring life.

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To craft brilliant ice cream, you need brilliant people. They’re the most important ingredient. Jude’s has been a team effort from day one and we love working with both family and friends. We’ve developed our craft over 15 years and have grown an incredibly talented team of ice cream makers.

We prioritise safety over everything else, which is paramount when operating in a dairy where we cook at high temperature and freeze at very low temperatures every day. We have policies in place to ensure that Jude’s is a fair, inclusive, diverse and flexible place to work.

We want Jude’s to be the best place to work and will continue to improve wherever we can.


We touch many communities through our operations and supply chain, and we want to ensure that not only are we doing no harm, but that life is better simply by doing business with Jude’s.  We achieve this through our Ethical Sourcing Programme (ESP).  Our ESP covers our own operations, our outsourcing partners and the suppliers throughout our supply chain to ensure we all adhere to the internationally recognised ETI Base Code and that Human Rights are respected throughout.

We only work with suppliers who share our high standards, both in terms of quality and food safety, but also ethics. Adhering to the ETI Base Code is a mandatory requirement for doing business with Jude’s. We take an open and collaborative approach with suppliers to help us ensure that responsible practices are in place throughout their operations and therefore our supply chain.  We also have an Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy in place.

We also believe that sourcing is an important way of supporting the local rural economy. Our ingredients are sourced, wherever possible, from local farms and producers - our biggest milk supplier is the Matterley Farm just 4 miles down the road.


Life is good together and at Jude’s we want to bring joy to our local and wider community. 

Jude herself, alongside her husband, heads up our schools' programme, where they visit local primary schools to run an ice cream based educational program. A tour of the dairy and ice cream sampling (of course!) always gets the kids beaming.

We support amazing charities that support children and young people. Our current partner charities include Home For Good and Resurgo Trust's Spear Programme (go and check them out.)

And finally, good ice cream should never go to waste! We give as much surplus stock as we can to local charities and food banks.  


Crafting ice cream is our absolute joy and we are mindful of the environmental impact of everything we do. We are working on improving multiple aspects of our business, but here are some of the things we do.


And to you, our brilliant customers. Everything we do is to knock your socks off and bring flavour, colour and life into your lives – from creating mind-blowingly delicious scoops to packaging that brightens your day, to delivering the best customer service. We are committed to developing products that meet your needs, such as our indulgent classic range, lower sugar kids products and a growing plant-based range. We also think some of the most boring things are the most important, such as data security or production and supply chain safety to ensure your products reach you in perfect condition.

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