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We are proud to supply Britain's best chefs and have won over 70 Great Taste awards for our plant based and dairy ice creams.

Flavour Innovation

We love experimenting with new exciting concepts. From our Black Coconut through to our Sticky Toffee Pudding we’ve developed thousands of recipes in our time! Back in 2010 we originally brought the mighty salted caramel to the UK. We’ve recently developed a chef's range of plant based flavours to meet the growing demand for delicious tasting plant based alternatives. Have a look at some of our seasonal scoops below...


We find the world’s best ingredients as close to home as possible. Our milk comes from the cows at Matterley Farm just a few miles down the road, and our British ingredients include milk, cream, eggs, sugar, mint, apples and gin!


We make deliciously indulgent ice cream with the lowest possible carbon footprint we can achieve.  We’re committed to reducing carbon from across our business and we have reduced our carbon intensity per litre of ice cream by 21% since our 2020 baseline.  We also use the most sustainable packaging we can.  Our tubs can be fully recycled (see below), but we know most of our chefs find many ways to reuse them in the kitchen before it’s time to recycle them – they’ve been known to store soup, chopped herbs, chocolate chips and more!


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Plant Based Vanilla

Plant Based Coconut

Mango Sorbet

Black Coconut

Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry Sorbet

Salted Caramel

Truly Chocolate

Strawberries & Cream

Plant Based Mint Chocolate


Lemon Sorbet

Ginger Spice

Rum & Raisin

Blood Orange Sorbet

Mind-blowingly delicious flavours.

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